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# hugo server --minify --themesDir ... --baseURL=
title: Documentation -
theme: book
# Book configuration
disablePathToLower: true
#enableGitInfo: true
# Needed for mermaid/katex shortcodes
unsafe: true
startLevel: 1
# before: []
- name: "Site web"
url: ""
weight: 10
- name: "Contact"
url: ""
weight: 20
# (Optional, default true) Controls table of contents visibility on right side of pages.
# Start and end levels can be controlled with markup.tableOfContents setting.
# You can also specify this parameter per page in front matter.
BookToC: true
# (Optional, default none) Set the path to a logo for the book. If the logo is
# /static/logo.png then the path would be logo.png
# BookLogo: /logo.png
# (Optional, default none) Set leaf bundle to render as side menu
# When not specified file structure and weights will be used
# BookMenuBundle: /menu
# (Optional, default docs) Specify root page to render child pages as menu.
# Page is resoled by .GetPage function:
# For backward compatibility you can set '*' to render all sections to menu. Acts same as '/'
BookSection: docs
# Set source repository location.
# Used for 'Last Modified' and 'Edit this page' links.
# BookRepo:
# Enable "Edit this page" links for 'doc' page type.
# Disabled by default. Uncomment to enable. Requires 'BookRepo' param.
# Edit path must point to root directory of repo.
# BookEditPath: edit/master/exampleSite
# Configure the date format used on the pages
# - In git information
# - In blog posts
BookDateFormat: "January 2, 2006"
# (Optional, default true) Enables search function with flexsearch,
# Index is built on fly, therefore it might slowdown your website.
# Configuration for indexing can be adjusted in i18n folder per language.
BookSearch: true
# (Optional, default true) Enables comments template on pages
# By default partals/docs/comments.html includes Disqus template
# See
# Can be overwritten by same param in page frontmatter
BookComments: true
# /!\ This is an experimental feature, might be removed or changed at any time
# (Optional, experimental, default false) Enables portable links and link checks in markdown pages.
# Portable links meant to work with text editors and let you write markdown without {{< relref >}} shortcode
# Theme will print warning if page referenced in markdown does not exists.
BookPortableLinks: true
# /!\ This is an experimental feature, might be removed or changed at any time
# (Optional, experimental, default false) Enables service worker that caches visited pages and resources for offline use.
BookServiceWorker: true